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Collection of short stories

Go on an emotional rollercoaster ride in this collection of High Fantasy, Magical Realism, Supernatural thriller and Sci-fi, short stories. ALTER EGO allows you to experience a variety of different settings with lovable diverse characters.

  • Engage in the love story between a prince and his bodyguard.
  • Enjoy the whimsical barter between an angel and a demon.
  • Feel the bittersweet love on a frontline.
  • Get goosebumps from a test of courage.
  • Tame a biorobot to be your assistant.
  • Become a mentor in a language class for aliens.
  • Turn into a spy and go undercover.
  • Explore the eternity of life in a galaxy.

Let ALTER EGO augment your reality from unexpected angles.


Psychological Thriller, Novel

Struggling to escape the haunting memories of his past, Ian finds himself on a bridge, ready to jump. But before he can take the leap, he meets a man who is also on the brink of ending his life. In a whirlwind of events and unexpected encounters, Ian must decide whether to continue provoking those around him or to finally open up and trust others.

As the secretary of the CEO of a successful company, Dorian is used to being in control. But when his boss disappears in the middle of a busy work day, Dorian is forced to confront his own insecurities. Why didn't he notice his boss's struggles sooner? As he searches for Ian, Dorian's own mental state begins to crumble.

With a heart-wrenching exploration of trust, betrayal, and mental health, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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My background is in the marketing field so I approach writing as a small business.

Did you know that book marketing starts from the developmental editing stage?

That's right. Editing covers the first pillar in 4P marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

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