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Do you want to hear what people say about my stories?

Is there any other way I can help you?

Are you searching for a developmental editor or beta reader? I have one or two spare places to accept new clients.

Want to find more about the Tau Ceti universe, read blurbs for short fiction, or meet my lovely characters?

Want to bring some ancient civilizations-inspired details to your house? Looking for a fresh whimsical gift for your family member?

My background is in the marketing field so I approach writing as a small business. 

Did you know that book marketing starts from the developmental editing stage?

That's right. Editing covers the first pillar in 4P marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).  

In my blog, I address marketing concepts. Rephrasing them to the language every indie author can understand. 

I always find a lot of fun exploring the prospects of Social media channels. This is why I have accounts on such different platforms from YouTube to MyAnimeList. 

As every account let me paste the link to my website it's the best way to boost my SEO. 

But I'm not there simply to have a backlink to my site. I have analyzed each social media and provided my insights on how to approach them.