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Alter Ego: Speculative Flash Fiction from high fantasy to cyberpunk

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Mentor for Aliens Language Class

Han attends a job interview with an android for a position in the Intergalactic Forces. He’s surprised and shocked to discover that his past experience has made him highly qualified as a mentor for aliens’ language class.

Time Traveler

Quicksters family men are meant to find their better halves on a time-trip made on the eve of their twentieth birthday.


After hiding from inquisitors for three years in a medieval forest, a time traveler  finds his boyfriend— the exorcist that the inquisitors were after.

Red String - High Fantasy Flash Fiction Romance - Bernard and the Prince

Red String (3rd part in chronology of Red String)

Bernard is the prince’s bodyguard. On Spring Eve, the only day in the year when a love potion could bind to you your heart’s desire, the prince is most vulnerable. Can Bernard risk betraying his prince?

Focus, Bernard (4th story of Red String)

The prince is frustrated. Several months have passed since Spring Eve, but Bernard has made no further move after they were bound by a red string. There is only one thing the prince can do to ease his frustration—assume the guise of his pet caracal and initiate some play-time with his bodyguard...

Cat always lands on its paws (1st part in chronology of Red String)

After he’s saved by Bernard, the prince wants to repay him. But how can he do so without revealing that it was him and not his pet caracal that Bernard saved?

Dance in the Snow (2nd part in chronology of Red String)

Bernard can't believe his luck— he’s being punished with extra swordsmanship classes and paired with the prince. If only this sparring could last forever...


Alexis is on the school's discipline committee and can't stand delinquents. So, when Mike approaches him during recess, he is more than furious…until delinquents from another school appear and start causing trouble in his school...


After seeing a stray biorobot pleading for food, Mira takes it in. Now, her ordinary life of a bio-hunter has become unnecessarily complicated. Did she made the right decision by letting in a biorobot that could well be her next target?


All her life, Lily loved to read. No wonder she returns to a library after she becomes an angel. Now, she can read all the books she wants…if only this little dream demon would stop pestering her about breaking the library's many rules...

Fern Flower

Guilty for letting his lover be trapped in a willow tree, a Faery prince searches desperately for a fern flower. After more than 40 years, he finally finds it. But how can he face Liam after all his time spent in captivity?

On the Bridge

Tired of constantly being used for his wealth, Ian ends up on a bridge. To his irritation, there's another man standing on the other side of the guardrail. Who is this guy who dares to stand in Ian's way? 

Short stories from Tau Ceti World universe


The firstborn of Tau Ceti king, Alexander hates his twin brother who injured him while they were children and made him lose his powers and right to the throne. 

In a world ruled by power, Alexander now has no place. So, when he hears the lore of Drachenloch - the cave which grants power to those who dare to enter - he begins his journey to the dangerous cave where he will risk his life to obtain what he most desperately wants...

Come to my Dream

Fallen into a lethargic dream-state for a thousand years, Marc can interact with the outer world only through his voice. One day, he hears Selena's voice, one that revives a long-forgotten feeling inside him. Can he cure the woman who takes care of his amber coffin from insomnia?

Heart-Shaped Locket

Story is going through rewrite:

(After receiving a heart-shaped locket from Arka, Neuro gives her an engagement ring. Before he hears the answer from his beloved, Neuro is called to the battlefield. Will he return safely to Arka and receive his answer?)

3 outlined universes for trilogies to be published

Evolution Re:Trial series was inspired by the evolution of human civilization. In order for humankind to take a step forward and evolve into something better, a new living form appears to question the Status Quo. 

Destruction of the current civilization with governments trying to cover up what’s really going on makes the story overlap the genres of psychological thriller and dystopia. The technologies used by the main characters in order to survive and show the whole world the truth, makes it fall under the genre of cyberpunk.

Even thought Evolution Re:Trial is set in a different universe than Augmented Intelligence series, they can both be considered Futuristic Romance.

Augmented Intelligence series was inspired by prospects of AI gaining consciousness. From AI seed development in VR world, the story explores the right approach to create a body for conscious AI.. 

Philosophical and ethical questions mixed with small daily adventures, such as visiting a haunted house makes the first book in the series fall under the contemporary fantasy genre. High attention to tech details and the research that one of MCs does in the second book as he plans to create a body for his AI, fall under the sci-fi genre. The third book, set after 10 years in a society where people live alongside biorobots makes story fall to cyberpunk romance genre. 

Side characters of these series inspired two flashes—Delinquent and Stray, so if you liked those flashes you would like the Augmented Intelligence series.

Tau Ceti World series was inspired by alternative civilizations living in our galaxy. Humans in this world have the same appearance as us but their lifespan is much longer and they have special powers to fight with demons.  

Written in the style of epic fantasy - with battles between phantoms (human warriors) and demons, supernatural abilities and breathtaking quests - The Tau Ceti World has a strong connection to technologies (esp. when talking about traveling from one world to another).  

Seven Marshals of the kingdom, everyone with their stories to be told. 

Each book in the series is bound to others but also can be read as a stand-alone...  

Another mixture of High Fantasy and Sci-fi romance