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I love to read and review non-fiction books about psychology and mindset, classics, and books by indie authors. Check my reviews and If you like them and the books on my list meets your taste connect with my Goodreads profile. I promise to write blog article to announce my every book release.

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During my life I have watched a lot of anime. So much that I wasn't able to count them until I have placed them to MyAnimeList. If you love to watch anime and struggle to find your next series check out my anime reviews.

While I don't post my videos on YouTube, I'm building my playlists to inspire my stories. I love rock, Chinese music and soundtracks from anime openings. If you have the same taste in music join me and listen to my playlists.

Are you highly creative person who likes to search Pinterest for inspiration? Me too, I use Pinterest Pins to learn color psychology and create color palets, I also share my repeat pattern designs there. I have some mood boards and inspiration for characters there. Check it out!

I'm started my TikTok last year but not sure what I'm doing there. For now, I follow mystery and high/epic fantasy authors and repost their posts if I find them interesting. I also follow some inspiring people, so it's more the social media for inspiration for me. If you want to also be inspired. Follow my TikTok account.

While I rarely use Facebook I have some ideas to relaunch my Instagram account. If you would like to read some illustrated narrative storytelling and comics, they are going to appear on my Instagram profile at least once in month.

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Loved my stories and want to find all of them? Follow my Author Page on Amazon. I don't think that Amazon would inform you about the next release sooner than you get my email, but more followers on my Amazon Author Page can help me boost Amazon algorithms and let my books be better discovered.

I would sometimes use BookSirens to grab a free arc of the author I admire to leave the early review on the first week of book publishing. The most cruxial time for authors to promote their books and get better ROI.

Searching for book bargains, but not sure either or not book is worth your time. My BookBub account is meant to give early reviews for my fellow writers. So if you are checking for book bargains check my reviews on great books worth to read.

Waiting for the release of the next book of the series you love is frustrating. I always have several projects going on so if you want to track the progress of my current WIP you can look at my NaNoWriMo website. I promise to update my progress at least once a week.

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