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I have loved handicraft from my childhood, be it soap, candles or mold from resin - I love to watch and learn how to create something. Recently, I got obsessed with watching scrapbooking and wax-sealing videos on TikTok and got ideas for creating some journal pages featuring my beloved characters and flash stories. If you enjoy watching mesmerizing and relaxing videos...

I have so many images spinning in my head, to the point that I need to put them somewhere. Recently, I started Pinterest to organize my ideas with images, concept designs, environment art and much more. If you would like know more about my characters, be sure to follow my Pinterest account.

Self-publishing is a breathtaking journey, with mysterious happenings behind the scene. On my YouTube channel you can find screen capture videos with time-lapse of photo editing or other working processes. I have planned for some of my blog posts to be narrated and I will also be sharing some cyberpunk and fantasy music that inspire my muses. Follow me on YouTube to get a glimpse of behind-the-scene activities. 

Every story starts from a raw idea and you never know how good that idea is. You need to show it to other people and Facebook is the place for my earliest drafts and those scenes I love the most (some of which do not survive the editing process). If you are eager to be involved in the story creation process - witness how a story and characters grow after the process of development editing, or you are interested in being the first to answer the call for beta-readers, be sure to follow me on Facebook.

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Writing is not the journey of "the chosen one". At least not for me, I can't take all credits to myself, I would like to highlight and thank the team which constantly helps  to make my stories to stand out. In "Author" section of this site I have highlighted several very cool developmental editors, beta readers and line editors. If you have struggles in your self-publishing journey you can contact them.

I'm very organized and like to write reviews of the books I have read. I believe it helps not only me, but also other people to find their further reads. So, I use Goodreads to make my own rating of books and publish some of flash stories in early stages of their developmental edits. Check my Goodreads account and follow if you have similar taste in books.

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I'm currently revising all the stories so Amazon author page is outdated.

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