Speculative Fiction WIPs By Naito Diamond

Stand Alone

The news, about the newly-discovered mysterious tomb at the foot of Ararat, makes Timur’s heart beat faster. The thrill of exploring the tomb in the darkness lit only by the flash is tempting, but he has promised himself to quit his side hustle of tomb raider. But Timur’s clients this time are serious people who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They kidnap his brother and leave a note ordering Timur to raid the tomb. Once Timur gets inside the cave, an unexpected earthquake covers the entrance. In the darkness surrounding him, Timur finds out somebody watching over him... Would Timur be able to escape the cave and save his brother? Or would he be left inside the tomb with something far from human?


Tau Ceti World series was inspired by alternative civilizations living in our galaxy. Humans in this world have the same appearance as us but their lifespan is much longer and they have special powers to fight with demons.  Written in the style of epic fantasy - with battles between phantoms (human warriors) and demons, supernatural abilities and breathtaking quests - The Tau Ceti World has a strong connection to technologies (esp. when talking about traveling from one world to another)

Series are based on the short story Time Traveler featured in Alter Ego collection. Four stories for each person in Quicksters generation, going into the past to get their better halves.

Evolution Re:Trial series was inspired by the evolution of human civilization. In order for humankind to take a step forward and evolve into something better, a new living form appears to question the Status Quo.  Destruction of the current civilization with governments trying to cover up what’s really going on makes the story overlap the genres of psychological thriller and dystopia. The technologies used by the main characters in order to survive and show the whole world the truth, makes it fall under the genre of cyberpunk.